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Privacy and usage of your data

In respect of your personal information that you may share with us through our websites, social media or forms, our policy is to secure your data, preserve your anonymity from third parties and protect your privacy. We have processes in place to ensure that these objectives in respect of your data are met.
Data Storage and Usage
We may store the following data either on our own databases or on the databases of third website data analytics providers. IP address, cookies, device ID, location, email address, name, user name, all information requested on forms on the website, pages viewed, advertisements viewed and clicked and other user behaviour by you on the website. We also store emails and other correspondence and records of conversation with you. We also store data that you provide when taking part in surveys, panels, product tests, quizzes or competitions We use third party analytics to report on page views and other to help us better understand usage trends. The third parties use cookies and can learn about your browsing on our website, Ads viewed and clicked and searches you’ve made on site – to show you more relevant ads and content in future. You should be aware a small number of our staff have access to your data. We restrict to the minimum the number of staff who have access to this data and we constantly review this.
Permissions You Have Given and Choices
By using the website our social media or filing any of our forms, you agree that you have given us specific permission and authority to use any and/or all of your data for the purpose of contacting you for any and all purposes including marketing, sales or sending you newsletters through any medium at our discretion, including but not limited to contacting you by letter, email, advertisement, app, telephone, or mobile device. You can change your registration and any other personal data or withdraw your permissions by contacting us. We do not sell or allow your data to be used by third parties except for transmitting our messages or information on our behalf to you and / or except as required by law.
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