Genuinely caring

Enabling efficient and reliable “Point of Care”

With the goal to simplify the IT infrastructure, digital needs and services for healthcare providers in SE Asia, BRT has quickly established itself as leader if not the only IT provider to the healthcare sector in Singapore. Keeping up with the growth of the business there was a need for brand refresh, providing BRT with a blueprint moving forward.

Having established and developed the brand’s story, positioning, promise, mission and vision statements we now have a much stronger visual language and brand presence through the identity and various brand touch points. The use of a blue coloured gradient represents the reliable, professional and authentic positioning of BRT. A brand that evolves alongside the ever changing and growing digitalisation of the healthcare sector. The use of a butterfly as part of the identity symbolises change, love and life.

Genuinely caring

With 20 years under its belt the Azmi & Asscociates law firm realised it was time to prepare for the next 20 years. With a website more than 10 years old running on obsolete technology it was only natural to revamp the website to something that is contemporary in terms of its design, functionality and overall brand interaction. Taking the firm forward in positioning itself as a relevant, client centric, well established and proven firm, attractive to potential clients and employees locally and internationally was a must.

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Branding, Identity & Corporate Website



Branding, Identity & Corporate Website 

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