Annual Report

Annual Report (Print)

The Annual Report is the primary and essential source of information on a company for investors and stakeholders. 

Through the Annual Report a company needs to share its story giving a concise, seamless, consistent forward looking narrative on the company, your product or service, financial performance and long term plan for sustained stability, growth and value. 

Like any good story there needs to be a narrative and information that is structured and executed well. 

Depending on company’s resources, the long term plan of a company and the importance that is put on the Annual Report, there a 3 types of Annual Reports out there (excluding online reporting).


Straight to the point

  • Facts and figures with little to no narrative
  • Very simple basic graphics, tables and charts
  • No infographics
  • No images or photographs
  • Minimum number of pages
  • Monotone or black and white in colour throughout

More than just straight talk

  • Facts and figures with some narrative and storytelling
  • More than simple graphics, tables and charts
  • Simple infographics
  • Limited Images and photographs
  • Full colour (corporate section) and monotone or black and white (financial section)

Full conversation

  • Full narrative and storytelling
  • Full graphics, tables and charts
  • Detailed infographics (if required)
  • Use of images and photographs throughout the corporate section
  • Full colour throughout
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